Service China famous Iron ore mine

дата опубликования:2018-08-29

As a significant consumer of rock drilling tools, this Mine tends to pay more attention to the Total Drilling Cost. And saving the Total Drilling Cost is exactly what JSI concentrates on. As a result, the performance of JSI rock tools was compared to the competitor A.

Atlas Boomer 281 and COP1838 rig was applied. The mineral hardness in the -400 level 1-4 tunnel was around F10. Somehow the rock contain back-filing platforms and much quartz. Each working face was about 4.2X4.2 square meters, the quantity of the slotting was around 70, and each deep of the hole was 2.7±0.4 meters. One working face would be completed each shift everyday, three shifts were for each day.


Products include: B43R32 drill bits, Hex39 3700mm R32/T38 MF rods and T38-435-COP1838 shank adapters. Result summary: JSI has a quicker dig in speed and longer life span of bits in this site. Performance of JSI rods is slightly better than A. JSI and A have a quite similar performance on shank adapters.


In a word, JSI is able to bring this Mine more than 19% Total Drilling Cost drop. The cooperation between this Mine and JSI has started smoothly and been developed well.


The original tracking records and full report is available. Please contact your sales rep or our marketing team.

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